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#$$%ing Google+

In the last 24 hours I’ve gotten two emails from confused and irritated people that were annoyed over the fact that when I posted stuff to Google+ and they were in my circle they got Emailed even
though they were not members of Google+

I had a feeling that the email feature would be annoying to people, but I had to test it out anyway. ;-)

What I didn’t count on was people getting all confused over the feature.

My sister tried to reply to the automated mail, and was confused when the mail bounced.

A friend overseas thought that maybe my email account had “gotten hacked.”

Just goes to show that Google went a little too far with that feature. I am guessing that it was meant to keep Google+ in non-users minds, and maybe get them to sign up for it after getting a few emails.

But I think it had the opposite effect, making those people irritated with me, and Google+ and not wanting to have anything to do with it.